Creativity is our natural state and we are powerful beyond measure (and infinitely happier) when we intentionally live in that zone. 

The Creative Mind - Individually, it's home to our thoughts, musings and the crystallization of our ideas;  a storehouse for our memories, talents and techniques. It's nearly always willing to stretch and embrace something new. It is our great friend and sometimes, well, ... not. Collectively, it is a resource beyond comprehension; a repository of every thought, idea and action from the past and present, all while holding the incredible potentially of the future. And it's ours for inspiration. Amazing.

The Creative Home -  Claiming and intentionally creating a personal sanctuary is essential for nurturing our creativity. It's our private retreat and a safe launching area for ideas to grow. It could be a bench,  a room, a studio, a garden, or an entire structure. Having a physical space, no matter the size, becomes a mental respite, a virtual retreat, whenever it's needed.  There is an old adage .. "Wherever you go, there you are." May we add, "and wherever you are, be home". 

The Creative Spirit -   Our spirit is our flavoring, our unique and powerful gift to the world. At times it is enthusiastic and bold and occasionally, whisper quiet. It infuses every aspect of our being and all that we create. The more we honor it, the more powerful it grows and the stronger the attraction. 

In the bungalow

Founded by designer Monica Heeren, Bungalow Press is a creativity incubator and design studio, located in Playa del Rey, California.  Since it's inception in 2002  designing beautiful spaces, creating magical gardens and providing an outlet for personal artistic expression though travel and open studio nights, Bungalow Press has encouraged countless people to add beauty into their life.